Fast Scan
Your scan, pay and go grocery shopping tool

Fast Scan is an all-in-one food shopping platform concept that is aimed at making each of your shopping trips quicker and more cost efficient. The all-in-one platform design combines a digital shopping cart tool with a coupon book that update and work alongside each other to bring you the latest savings that can be tracked through your food shopping experience. By connecting to your selected store, Fast Scan shows products and locates items in real time with the help of AI technology. For the final deliverables, wireframes and an interactive prototype were utilized to carry out the app concept underneath a visual branding system.

SUNY New Paltz Coursework
Interactive prototype, logo design, brand identity
FastCart logo and app button design

This app concept will apply benefits to food shopping in supermarkets and small business markets nationwide. The idea of having a “faster” checkout at register lines will enable users to automatically scan the products from your mobile device while going around the supermarket and shopping, then brining the list of scanned items to the register and paying for the items up there.

Simple breakdown of the mental model that was drawn out when coming up with the app's concept.
Wireframes created for the different screen instances
Color scheme of FastCart's platform and brand identity
App button wireframe placed next to the app button.
Visual components and select screens for the FastCart app
Screens showing a user adding a card to their
Screens showing shopping cart being filled with scanned products and a digital receipt
Isometric phon mockup showing the UI diversityy
Onboarding screens with descriptions
In-store shipping experience with descriptions
In-store experience showing the scanning of products when in the store
In-store finding items in the store with AR

In order to inform users about whether or not a store is affiliated with the app, banners would be designed to be placed in certain parts of the store.

Fast Cart banner hanging from the ceiling in a store
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