The Go 202
A reimagined beer garden in Washington D.C

This project consists of building a visual brand system for a new, concept beer garden and restaurant called The Go 202 located in Washington D.C. The items designed as part of this exploration consist of a breakdown of type styles and visual image treatments as well as stationary, menus, and promotional items that  help extend the identity of the brand beyond the garden. Targeted towards the young, curious and possibly patriotic, The Go 202 celebrates inspiration and history of the city which it is based in.

SUNY New Paltz coursework
Logo design, brand & identity design, stationery, packaging designs, brand guidelines PDF
Combination of items designed for the case study
The Go 202 logo against cream background
The Go 202 menu on a clipboard
The front and back of The Go 202 drink menu
The Go 202 logo shown on a beer glass while beer is being poured from a bottle
Coaster designs for sercing glasses
Part of the arrow as seen in the branding is derived from the 2 from one of the primary fonts
Font dissection from the logo wordmark
The Go 202's logo on an outdoor sign
Spacing in and around the logo and its elements
Take out bag and food container mockups for The Go 202
Girl riding bicycle in front of a billboard advertisement for the beer garden
Varying formats and sizing advertising for The Go 202 in print
Train station poster holding the print advertisement for The Go 202
Plastered billboard designs alongside a sidewalk
Font dissection of the food menu and the restaurant's business card
Transparent background mockup of business cards for The Go 202
The Go 202's business cards scattered around against white background
Stationery mockup for The Go 202
Social media icon placed in a square, rounded, square, and circle
Small website mockup of what could be the web design for the restaurant
Arm holding tote bag and woman wearing tote bag on her shoulder
The Go 202 Brand Guidelines
Pages from The Go 202 brand guidelines
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