The Nature of Plastic
An informational campaign bringing forth plastic’s dirtiest issues

The Nature of Plastic is an informational, civil awareness campaign that I created for my thesis capstone project at SUNY New Paltz. Through my research I discovered how plastic producers in the United States are largely to be blamed for the harm it has brought to land and oceans worldwide. Unlike existing plastic campaigns, this project focuses on the social and economic issues tied to plastic pollution as a result of unethical business practice and cultural infusion largely done by the United States. By allowing hidden away information to be more accessible and divided into subsections, a complicated issue becomes broken down to its core issues and poor upbringing.

The Nature of Plastic is a real website that I own and have created promotional materials for such as posters, postcards, and a consumer guide booklet on top of the main interactive campaign platform.

SUNY New Paltz Graphic Design Thesis Show
Long form storytelling website, consumer zine, campaign branding, Snapchat News designs, promotional poster, advocacy postcards
The Nature of Plastic: Informational Campaign Website
Outlining the website through a long form storytelling platform are actually broken down in their own parts
The Nature of Plastic webpages were designed for mobile screens. As shown: the homepage a vertical flow graph, and an event from the timeline.
Long form image showing the vertical length of the webpages on desktop
Slightly rotated webpages from The Nature of Plastic website
Mobile screens shown using a variety of color and layout with type and image
Promotional Items

As a way to create a widespread awareness about plastic properties and how to be a better consumer, communicating ways in which individuals can become better consumers through a small booklet was created with the intention of mass distribution in a small, compact size. Imagery and textures were heavily integrated into the spreads to provide clear imagery on topics discussed as play on the clutter aesthetic carried out by the campaign.

Consumer Booklet: The Nature of Plastic
Slightly rotated spreads from The Nature of Plastic's consumer booklet

To continue to bring awareness to the plastic issue to a younger demographic, this snapchat news walkthrough captures some of the histories involved with the topic largely discussed on the campaign's website.  A few companies that use social media tactics to draw in readers to some of their latest stories and campaigns are The Guardian and The Washington Post.

At the final screen, the user would in theory "swipe up" to the campaign site's landing page.

Snapchat story proposal as social media extension from the actual website
Animated gif showcasing the movement on elements when the screen loads
Hand holding up one of The Nature of Plastic's campaign postcards
All three campaign postcards scattered in the image
The Nature of Plastic: Campaign Poster
The campaign poster shown close up and tilted against a wall, and the other vertically standing up against a wall
Outdoor billboard with campaign poster against a building

To read more into my process, gathering information, and the resources and tools used for this project, take a look at the process book.

The Nature of Plastic Process Book
Pages from The Nature of Plastic's process book
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